About Store It

Make Room For More Living

Store It Inc. was founded in 2008 with a mission to build a superior storage facility that quickly became the most popular in the area. In the past 5 years we have added a gorgeous new facility for boats and RV's as well as professional junk removal and moving services.

But we soon realized that, for the customer, the experience of using self-storage was, in a word, horrible. Getting your items into and out of storage is a time consuming pain. And finding what you need from storage is even worse. You should be able to de-clutter your home and still have easy access to all of your stuff. You should not have to spend hours and hours getting your stuff into storage and hours every time you need to get a few items out of storage. Boat and RV owners should not have to drive out to store their equipment and arrange for someone to pick them up or drop them off.

So we built a unique service to change everything that is wrong with self-storage. We think you will love it!

We pick up and catalog every box or item, store it securely in your own space. From there, you just let us know when you want us to deliver anything you need whenever you need it. We even provide pick up and drop off service for boats and RV's.

Our advanced security system ensures our nearly 400 state of the art storage rooms and RV/Boat spaces are safe and secure. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. And we treat everything we store as if it was our own most precious item.

We have a set of core values upon which we stand, we've listed them below:


There is always a better way to do something but, for it to be loved, it needs to be as simple as possible. Whether it is our technology, our customer service or our processes/procedures we strive to always make it better by making it more simple for everyone it engages. We look for opportunities and solutions.

Be Remarkable

Every interaction with our customers is a chance to change their day, their lives and how they enjoy their homes. Every day we create more time and space for them to enjoy their lives. We always look for thoughtful, fun and useful ways to make every customer interaction so remarkable that our customers are eager to share it with their friends and family.

The Best Place To Work

We will build a working environment where we work hard because we love what we do, who we get to work with and the difference we make in the communities we serve. Through open communication and collaborative coaching/training we continually grow our skills and the value we deliver to each other, our company and our customers.

Integrity & Professionalism

Honesty, dependability and trust are what will always ensure we are a business to be admired. They are the qualities we look for in great people and, therefore, should be protected above all else for our business. In a chase for growth and profit, too few companies maintain their Integrity. We may make mistakes, but we will own them and our professionalism will ensure we learn from and correct them.