By Staff
August 21, 2013

By Howard Mann
July 05, 2013

We see ourselves as a better way to manage all of your stuff. This classic piece from George Carlin sets out the problem perfectly. Enjoy!

By Howard Mann
July 05, 2013

What if you could store your stuff and never have to visit a storage facility?

We all have extra stuff that we do not need in our home. “I have no idea how I got all of this stuff!” could be on a pillow right next to the one that says “Home sweet home.”   But we keep a lot more than we need in our homes because we know 2 things:

1) Packing it up, moving it into a storage room and then going to get it is even more of a time consuming and horrible experience than the dreaded house move.

2) Whatever people put in storage is quickly forgotten so the only thing people put there are items they rarely, if ever, need.

So we are starting where every useful modern consumer service should start, your door.  

Store it picks up whatever you want to store and gives you the tools to catalog every item or box so you know where everything is.  We then take it back to our secure storage facility and put it all away safe and sound. Now, whenever you need any item or a group of items, just let us know and we will deliver them back to you within 24 hours.  And we can pick up new items to add to your storage room. And wait until you see the great software we are building to make managing it all fast easy from your computer and mobile phone.

Self-Storage has been about a real estate investment for its land owners for too long. It is time it became an extraordinary service business. Storage should add value to your life by allowing you to unclutter your home to make more room for living. It should not be a hassle to make that a reality. That is what drives us.

We want to change how Portland stores their stuff (And more cities soon).  Join us. De-clutter!