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Self-Storage For People 

Who Value Their Time.

Never visit a storage room again! Using our bins or your boxes, we pick up, catalog & securely store your stuff and then bring back what you need when you need it.

Take yourself out of self-storage & never visit a storage facility again

We’re on a mission to make storage as easy as keeping everything in your home so you can de-clutter your life without any stress or strain.

Self-Storage. Re-Imagined.

The experience of getting your things into storage and finding individual items once they are there is a horrible experience that does not need to be. We created our Active Storage service to make storage as easy as keeping everything in your home so you can de-clutter your life without any stress or strain. Have easy access to all of your stuff. Make it fun and easy to do. Never visit a storage facility again.

Item By Item

At our active storage facility, we’ll catalogue everything going into your Portland storage rental, piece by piece, so you know exactly what is where. Once everything is stored in our storage facilities, you just let us know what you want delivered, and we’ll bring it to you within 24 hours! Learn more.         

Units of Every Size

Whether you’re clearing out a closet or storing the contents of an entire home or apartment, our self-storage facilities can accommodate your needs. Learn more.

Totally Secure

24-hour surveillance, high definition cameras backed up to cloud data centers, sophisticated storage software, and bonded/licensed/insured drivers—these are just a few of the steps we take to make our self-storage units some of the most secure in the industry. Learn more.

Clear & simple pricing

Because we do not have to build our facility in a high rent district in the middle of a city, our rent is lower. So we pass those savings along to you in lower monthly costs. Our lower monthly rates means that our customers can pay for 4-6 pick ups/drop offs a year at wind up at the same total cost of an old style dormant storage room. See our pricing.

Perfect for business

Our low storage unit prices will help you free up valuable office space, while our advanced inventory and pick-up/drop-off procedures will give you access to any stored document within 24 hours. Learn more.

RV's & Boats

If you need boat and RV storage, look no further; we offer beautiful covered, uncovered, and fully enclosed spaces for boats and RVs. Learn more.

Already have your stuff in storage?

If you have your stuff stored in ,what we now call, old style self-storage we want you to be able to enjoy the ease and utility of a better way to manage all of your things. We will work with you to catalog everything you have in storage today and then move it over to our facility for free. After that, you have easy access to everything you need without ever having to visit a storage facility again.